3 ways to earn extra by adding remittance service to your local offline business

3 ways to earn extra by adding remittance service to your local offline business

Do you run an offline retail company? Then you have most probably thought of expanding the range of your offers. However, in most of cases you have also probably found that it involves too much of your effort, consuming both time and resources essential for running your main business. Nerveless, there are still some easy ways to add simple yet profitable services and take additional advantage of your location.

Money transfer business is a big thing nowadays, and becoming a partner of an already established and innovative transfer company can be a great choice. Why do we think so? Firstly, let’s have a look at some of the statistics on money transfers from the Czech Republic and Poland.

How big is money transfer business in the Czech Republic and Poland?

According to the latest estimates, there are now more than 1 million people in the Czech Republic and Poland altogether who were born abroad. Most of them have friends and family outside the country, and many support their families abroad. World Bank estimates that more than 3.5 billion USD in remittances was sent from Czech Republic and Poland to other countries last year – and this figure is growing.

Main destinations include CIS countries, Germany, France and Vietnam and China. With such amounts of money being sent all the time, why not get on board this booming business with the help of a successful remittance company?

Why MoneyPolo?

MoneyPolo is a brand owned by the British company Mayzus Financial Services Ltd. which provides financial services under UK government license. The money transfer service is a priority for the company and a focus of its main expertise. The company has a global presence with more than 400 000 partners.

In some cases, money transfers can cost up to 17% of the initial sum. MoneyPolo offers industry-leading conditions, so you can always be sure that you are working with a very competitive company that consistently outperforms its main rivals.

More and more people turn their heads away from banks when it comes to money transfers – it is simply too expensive. Non-banking financial organizations, like MoneyPolo, are gaining substantial momentum due to their efficiency, speed of transactions and unbeatable prices.

How will you benefit from working with us?

  1. Help people send money abroad

    The first and main benefit of starting a remittance business if you already have a store is earning commission when people send money abroad. Your profit consists of two parts – the commission itself and the exchange rate. You can set up and adjust both, and we will of course advise you on best practices on how to do that with the greatest results.

  2. Be a great location to pick up a transfer from abroad

    Secondly, you can simply take advantage of your location for receiving money from abroad. Have a big residential area nearby, tube junction, shopping area or busy bus stop? You most probably see a lot of foreigners, and they can become your additional customers. Your location will be added to our list of branches, boosting both money transfer frequency and your core business.

  3. Take advantage of your connections

    Not really sure this will work for you? You can start by recommending MoneyPolo as a side business to some of your friends who run local stores. You earn an agent fee every time people transfer money through them. We arrange everything while you relax and enjoy your agent commission, but we believe it won’t be long before you start thinking of joining in yourself!

How to arrange everything

As mentioned above, we have already established partnerships with more than 400 000 partners globally in more than 100 countries, so we know what it takes to set everything up. Opening an account, dealing with legal puzzles, starting operation – we have gone through it all. And we are here to share these expertise with you.

We are always here to advise you on the best available options to suit your particular needs. Our friendly support team will guide you through the entire process; our marketing team will provide you with all necessary branding and materials, while technical support will set up all necessary software. We take care of everything that makes starting a business with MoneyPolo so easy and really trouble-free – so why not give it a shot?

Find out more about how we can meet your exact business requirements at our website or by sending an email to email