Brexit: MoneyPolo Statement

Brexit: MoneyPolo Statement

In the light of the recent news we would like to take time and let our customers know that MoneyPolo is closely monitoring all the legal and economic implications, associated with the United Kingdom’s referendum on leaving the European Union, and we are taking all necessary steps to maintain the exclusive quality and security of services you enjoy regardless of further changes.

We want to reassure our customers that there won’t be any immediate changes to our service, fees or any other fluctuations, imposed by the referendum’s outcome on leaving the EU.

Nikolay Rozhok,
CEO of MoneyPolo

Any changes to the financial regulations legislation might take effect only after Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will be imposed and following 2 years deadline passes. This is the minimum period for the UK government to prepare necessary amendments to the current legislation before they will take effect.

This means that we will be well prepared and ready to adjust to new realities on the market smoothly and without any interruptions in our services.

Artem Zhedik,
CFO of MoneyPolo

Of course in the current situation we can expect the GBP to keep weakening. We would strongly advise our customers not to worry, but to consider alternative currencies, for example, EUR or cryptocurrencies, which gain more and more popularity. Crisis could also be turned into opportunities.