Common causes of pending transactions

Common causes of pending transactions

MoneyPolo is a financial services provider since 2009, with over a quarter of a million customers worldwide. In 2012 we have also started to work with cryptocurrencies. We undertake to provide handy solutions for international money transfers in the most convenient way for our customers.
Unfortunately, sometimes the transactions are being held. The reasons may differ from high demand for cryptocurrency operations to payment details confirmation needed. For the peace of mind of our customers we have prepared the description of the most common reasons for operations being suspended.

Scenario 1: you have placed an internal transfer between two MoneyPolo accounts.

checking verification Moneypolo

Most often the delay will be related to the verification status of the recipient’s account. Before placing such a transfer, please, check with the receiver whether they have completed MoneyPolo account verification procedures. If their account is fully verified, the transfer will appear on their balance instantly!

Scenario 2: you are loading your own MoneyPolo account.

a) with a payment card or loading your MoneyPolo VISA/MasterCard card from the account.

top up by Moneypolo card issues

MoneyPolo card processing is working 24/7, but in some cases we need you to confirm the card ownership. This is an additional security measure to protect your cards from the thieves. Please, check our verification rules if you are planning to load your account with payment cards or to withdraw funds to one.
If you need any assistance in relation to technical questions, please get in touch by emailing us at Your emails are timely treated by our operators during the opening hours, from 9am to 6pm GMT+1 Monday to Friday

b) by bank wire

bank wire issues

Incoming and outgoing wires are treated by our operators during the opening hours, from 9am to 6pm GMT+1 Monday to Friday.
The delays in allocation are most often related to the missing or incorrect payment details in wire documentation. Please, make sure the MoneyPolo short account number is included to the description of an incoming wire, and that complete bank details are provided for the outgoing one. If you supply sufficient and complete information we will swiftly send/allocate your funds with no further delays.

c) with bitcoins

This service is powered by CONFIRMO LTD. Funds are first transferred to a bitcoin exchanger and as soon as enough blocks are built in the blockchain, the funds are mass-allocated to MoneyPolo accounts.
Sometimes the transaction time elapses before enough blocks are built in the blockchain. In this case the transaction is suspended. To unblock the funds, you need to get in touch with Bitcoin pay support team.
The support will provide you a link to recover the funds. You will only need to provide them the address of the wallet, where the bitcoins need to be refunded to. The refund operation is instant. MoneyPolo support team is available to help you recovering your funds at all the stages of this procedure.

Scenario 3: buying BTC-e coupons

Delays in coupon treatment occur due to sudden cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuations, resulting in high demand for this service. We are not always well equipped to deal with this load of requests. We are asking for your understanding and patience while our employees are working hard at the fastest solution to the situation.

Despite we are living in the world of fast-paces information technologies that are constantly developing and improving, delays may still happen. Please, do not panic if that happens to you. We will identify and deal with the reason of such a delay in the shortest possible time. By registering with MoneyPolo, you gain access to the services of a UK company, that values its license and reputation.
Rest assures – we will not let you down!