How does it feel to live in Europe for an Asian?

How does it feel to live in Europe for an Asian?

Advancement in technology and the need to communicate and interact has caused the world to become a global village. Everyone has the ability and necessities to reach or communicate with people in the other parts of the world. However, travelling has greatly increased in the past couple of decades. Now, we see personnel from different parts of the world travelling and in some cases settling in countries that are thousands of miles away from their home.

One of the major travelling and tourism spot for Asians is the continent of Europe. In the year 2014, according to UNWTO’s World Tourism Rankings, 7 countries from Europe made it to the top 10 most visited tourism destinations. France took the no.1 spot with hosting around 83.7 million tourists for the year 2014. In total, there were over 582 million tourist arrivals in Europe for the same year.

About Europe

Europe is the second smallest continent with respect to the surface area in the world. A lot of Asians are travelling to Europe, especially the Chinese people who go there to conduct businesses. France, Spain, Italy, Germany and England remain the most visited places for the Asians.

The rise in foreigners in Europe started after the industrial revolution in the 18th century in the Great Britain. The European Union expanded after the fall of Soviet Russia in 1991 and the most commonly used currency is Euro.

Asians living in Europe

Generally, the experience of an Asian in a European state depends upon the country’s particular history with the concept of colonisation.


There is a very large population of Vietnamese people. The number of Chinese is increasing in Paris and other large cities. Their common investments include real estate business and catering. The Asian men and women are treated with respect in the country. Contrary to American stereotype against the Asians to be nerds, Europe consider French-Asians to be more prone towards fashion and academic. Japanese people and culture enjoy the most recognition in France.


Sweden has been very open to immigrants and refugees. However, Swedish people might be quite conservative and not completely open to foreigners. You have a much higher chance to find work if your name sounds Swedish. One of the strongest Asian communities in Sweden are Mongols.


In Netherlands, Indonesians are in great numbers therefore you will find many Indonesian restaurants there. Racism is quite low and people are nice towards the Asian communities. However, there are significant differences in the Dutch and the Asian cultures. You can find a lot of interracial couples in the region which shows the intermingling is easier for the Asians in Netherlands. Netherlands is famous for their liberal attitude to light drugs such as marijuana.


Because of its business success and better standards of living, it attracts many Asians per year. England has always been the top leading Europe countries. You will be able to see history everywhere. Great Britain has always been very multicultural. Especially in larger cities you will meet people from all the nations and races. There are a lot of interracial couples.

Whether you like to learn more about Great Britain as a tourist or spend a few months there learning English, London might be your first choice to try. Whenever you travel across Europe, MoneyPolo’s cards will be handy.


Contrary to the general view of the Germans, we can say that Germany shows least signs of racism towards other ethnic groups. People are polite and welcoming. For many they might seem very quiet and reserved. The universities offer great opportunities for the foreigners to settle and get a high-quality education at very affordable prices. Germany is large and rich country offering great opportunities for tourists as well as for workers.


Europe is very open to Asians and in most countries you will be warmly welcome. Many of the EU countries already have large communities from Asia – e.g. Mongols, Vietnamese and Koreans. Countries like Great Britain and France are already multicultural. Central European and Eastern countries might seem to be more conservative, however, in general, the people are nice and friendly.

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