MoneyPolo official communication statement to the stakeholders of the exchange

MoneyPolo official communication statement to the stakeholders of the exchange

Always Efficient LLP ( exchange) was at all material times, as far as MoneyPolo is aware, trading as the virtual currency platform known as BTC-e.

MoneyPolo served as a payment service provider processing payments for Always Efficient LLP.

Our services were ongoing for some time but on or about 27 July 2017 MoneyPolo suspended all services provided to Always Efficient LLP because of reports that came to our attention in the media.

These media reports alleged that individual(s) involved with the running and/or management of BTC-e had been arrested in Greece in connection with an investigation being carried out by the U.S. Department of Justice and other official parties. exchange was contracted with the claimants and others who wished to purchase Bitcoin from it. No contract was entered into for the provision of Bitcoin (or any other currency or product) between MoneyPolo and the complainants. Thus, we do not consider the complaints against MoneyPolo have valid legal basis.

MoneyPolo takes regulatory obligations, including any complaints, seriously. Accordingly, MoneyPolo is dealing with the complaints by liaising with the FCA, US Treasury and appointed lawyers.

As soon as MoneyPolo is instructed by the regulators and authorities, we will issue a new official statement for all the parties involved and concerned with the instructions.

Based on previous legal precedents, the resolution and settlement of this matter may take a considerable amount of time.

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  1. - Deforation - says:

    Good that you have deleted my post. This shows what kind of a company you are.
    Thiefes together with BTC-E/WEX

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