Official Press Release – Greece arrests Russian suspected of running $4 billion bitcoin laundering ring

Official Press Release – Greece arrests Russian suspected of running $4 billion bitcoin laundering ring

Following the recent news articles and the possible connection to transactions processed via MoneyPolo services, which have been destined for Crypto Exchange following the arrest in Greece. We have taken steps to lock all pending transactions and freeze the accounts and transaction that we have already identified as potentially connected to this recent event.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will provide more information to our customers as we receive it. In the interim, if you have concerns about a payment from your MoneyPolo account to a Exchange please contact our dedicated team via email at email our staff will investigate if your transaction is affected and provide you with details on filing a claim for funds recovery.

If you are not a customer of MoneyPolo but have sent funds to one of our bank accounts at the request of an exchange we strongly advise you to contact us on the above email and our support staff we will provide assistance.

Please be reassured that we are taking all possible steps to limit the impact to our customers and ensure that all other services are not affected.

If you have any concerns please contact customer support on email with the subject Bitcoin. All the requests will be treated as a priority by our side.

  • – Deforation –

    Sounds nice, but reality is another thing.
    Moneypolo cant even give information about a transactions which lie 2 days in the past.
    It seems that they support those criminals actively hiding information.

    • MoneyPolo

      Information is storaged for 10 years period and can be requested at any time according to Data Protection Regulation.

      “You have the right to get a copy of the information that is held about you. This is known as a subject access request.” The fee is 10 pounds.

      • – Deforation –

        Aha. Now of a sudden.

        And why do i get always the following response in my email conversation:
        “We can monitor only new transactions which are in process ”
        “The transaction is completed from our side and is no longer in our system.”
        “Unfortunately, our transaction is completed and is no longer in our system.”

        This doesn’t sound like it is stored for 10 years.
        So don’t tell such lies.

        • Alexander Weps

          I think they mean the money are not there so they can’t do anything about it, not that they don’t have informations.

      • – Deforation –

        Why did you hang up on me, when i was mentioning this in my phone call.