Popular credit cards in Europe

Popular credit cards in Europe

Popular credit cards in Europe

If you happen to be travelling to Europe or any particular country in European Union it is advisable to take a mixture of cash, credit cards and other plastic currently in circulation. Throughout Europe withdrawal of money is not a big issue and being a visitor you can withdraw money from cash machines available particularly at frequently-visited locations. But it is important to utilize safe and secure boxes, where provided, in order to keep your finances and other precious items safe. Electronic payment system (EPS) is facing some issues, therefore, the best way is to keep more than one card so that in case of any issue i.e. accounts short, system down or ATM downtime you may get the required amount.

In the entire Europe Visa and Mastercards protection laws are available, and various schemes offer consumer protection under perspective country’s credit laws, irrespective of the destination of purchase. In Europe, you normally spend between £ 100 and £ 30000 or equivalent amount of your card’s country. It is also important to confirm the consumer protection before your leave for European travel, however. As discussed earlier European countries are conscious about credit card security and the anti-fraud teams can spot transactions that seem out of your usual schedule and pattern. Maybe, through your card you may not be able to get a gourmet meal in France or an attractive painting in Spain. Similarly, the entire credit card procedures may be new to you and unfamiliar procedures can leave you more expose to fraudulent circumstances.

Different cards are in practice in Europe today, and some are becoming popular while others are not so much. Amex is accepted throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom. However, the acceptance rate is not equal across Europe, and it varies significantly from region to region and country to country. In UK the entire major malls, hotels and restaurants accept Amex without any hesitation. Smaller independent stores in UK are not so much interested in Amex and due to security issues they prefer to accept chip cards. Non-chip cards can create troubles in Europe especially when you do not have photo ID. European countries are paranoid about financial crime, so non-chip cards acceptance rate is low compared embedded chip cards.

Within mainland Europe, the acceptance rate varies quite a bit; however, the issue is normally cultural rather than Amex specific. For example, if you are traveling Germany you will observe that Germans are not interested in credit cards. Some hotels, restaurants and major shopping malls and chains accept credit cards but in general they prefer cash or EC cards like aka Maestro. Credit cards use is growing in Germany, but most of the German buyers and sellers prefer their own cards. Similarly, smaller countries like Luxembourg also show varying behavior in accepting credit cards. But Luxembourg is quite affluent so we can say that the acceptance rate per store in this country is better than Germany. Again here the use of Amex is rare and local or European Union affiliated credit cards are widely used and recognized.

In general, it has been observed that in Scandinavian countries credit cards including Amex are accepted widely and more frequently. Even Taxi firms in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark frequently accept credit cards. Again due to higher taxation and security threats some people and business units do not accept credit cards. Furthermore, the acceptance rate in tourist areas is more than off the track kind of location. The use of credit cards depends upon the margin of savings it offers. People prefer cards with a charming scheme in order to save some amount. If being a visitor you can save 10 to 20% it will be a good deal. Carefully check your schemes before entering the code because, in certain occasions, the initial deductions can make your scheme even more expensive, and that’s the basic logic behind variation in credit cards utilization.

For travel in Europe the best way is to have another credit card on hand, debit cards (Maestro) are useful in most parts of Europe in general and Germany in particular. You will face no trouble if there is no substitute for cash in case you have the right card. You can enjoy your trip only if you have a credit card that is acceptable everywhere without any hesitation.