Why it is awesome to work and grow with MoneyPolo

Why it is awesome to work and grow with MoneyPolo

Look around – technologies are all around us. They help us in everyday tasks, they move future closer and allow amazing things to happen right here, right now. And it is even a bit scary to find yourself outside of this ever-growing stream of innovations. So, why not to become an invaluable part of it?

Here at MoneyPolo, we do just that – we surf on the very edge of new technologies, we blend them with old-school finance to fundamentally disrupt the status-quo, to break the dominance of banking industry, to deprive classic financial institutions from their monopoly on money operations. They have been ruling the day for far too long – and it is in our ability, with your passion and expertise, to change that.

We design, build and market new fintech tools that allow millions around the world to share, trade and exchange their goods and services like never before, in a simple, straightforward, transparent way, so millions of individual efforts are not robbed by monopoly of financial industry. And with YOU, we can achieve even more, so come join us on an endeavor to change the world – one (extremely important) step in a time.

With us, you can grow along with the company, develop existent and plant new skills of tomorrow, become a great professional in your field, and be proud of being a part of the team, that is just like our services – unite people from all around the world, from far East to edgiest of Western Europe.

We value our family, and offer best conditions for anyone, willing to join us in our journey – from widest list of perks and bonuses to our long-standing commitment of at least 25% higher compensation for your time than open market can provide.

For Professionals

Already a pro? Never fail to set new ambitious targets for yourself! What can be better than releasing your brain child as a finished product? What can be more satisfying then witnessing your achievements that help people around the world like never before? All that with help, support and trusted advise from a team of like-minded internationals?

All that is topped by progressive bonus schemes, unpatronizing management and real family-spirit atmosphere, where everyone is encouraged to contribute and given freedom to excel. And you will always fill taken care of – strong administrative team works to make your experience with us worth remembering with a warm heart.

For Expats

Our team is essentially a unique combination of global talent from different parts of the world, so if you are an expat, be sure – you will find yourself among friends, who have experienced same ups and downs related to expats’ circumstances. No surprise that everyone is willing to help way beyond and above your daily work.

We have seen some finest examples of new, real friendships among co-workers being built, so joining us, make sure to have enough space in the phone book for new fellas!

For Fresh Graduates and Students

If you are a fresh graduate, there is no better place to start your career, right in the middle of innovative environment – use tools and knowledge you read about everyday under “latest innovations” sections – in real life, fill the pulse of world economy and lay a great foundation to your future.

We know your needs, understand necessity of flexibility and are willing to mentor. Our team is open for fresh talent, willing to help your aspirations to come true. Know languages, willing to develop IT, managerial, sales, marketing skills? You are more than welcome to join MoneyPolo team!

Check all the available positions below. Don’t see a role that suits you? Write us directly to email with CV attached – we are always open to new talents.

  • Thales Andrade

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