Working and Living in Great Britain

Working and Living in Great Britain

In this article, we would like to share several tips about living in Great Britain. What you need to know before travelling to UK, what you cannot miss, what is worth seeing etc.

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Life in London

Staying in London, the capital city of UK is the most prestigious live you will ever desire. The command of English language that you gain, use of grammar and vocabulary are the right ingredients to your life in the British city. Though as a non-native, you are given an awesome allowance, learning accurate choice of words to use in communication is paramount. In addition, the locals are ready to recognize any foreigner and make pardon to your language faults in speaking English. Incase you are fluent in speaking English, then you need to keenly observe the following factors.


London city is a hub of socializing with your colleagues and friends. Fridays are best days to spend and enjoy in pubs where you meet colleagues and friends after a week long job. Of course, you need not come along every other time for fun on Fridays but need to be a sought of fixed date on your calendar of events. Never showing up for such events is a mistake that will minimize your joy in London. You need to understand that colleagues and friends need you and your contribution is very important. Most people always have a wrong mindset that in pubs, you will only take alcohol and get spoilt. But this is not the case with London pubs. It is a place to learn new ideas, develop better relations between you and your colleagues and widen your networking opportunities.

Work in London

Working in London needs you to develop a very strong network. Therefore, such small opportunities to strengthen this skill should not be taken for granted. One thing you need to remember that, Britons love the way you as a non-native speak out in English. In such interesting conversation, these guys will never forget you. However, London based residents are composed of many expatriates too. As such, you will also engage with other foreigners as the birds of the same feather. In so doing, you will learn a lot of new ideas from other foreigners.

Taxes and Other Obligations in London

In case you are planning to work in London, then you should know the taxes and other obligations required in UK. Each and every worker in UK are required to pay income tax on
their earnings and any other pensions. In the event that you are in official employment, then your tax will be automatically deducted from your salaries.

If in case you are a self-employed worker, then you must keep records of your income and expenditure and fill in a yearly tax return. For more details, you can check out HM Revenue and Customs at

Furthermore, as part of your obligation, you are also required to pay National Insurance contributions to construct your right or claim to state benefits. Your payment will be based on your type of employment as well as your earnings. As soon as you start working, you must register and get a National Insurance number abd you will also be required to attend an interview as part of the application process.

Addressing People

When you live in London city, hierarchies in addressing residents and working colleagues at work place are crucial. It is here natives consider it normal to address people by their first name. It starts down from your cleaner to the supervisor or manager. For instance, David McCarthy is Sir David, not Sir McCarthy. If your boss is Jane you should not address her as Mrs. Jim as usual from other regions. Since as a foreigner you can easily make blunders in addressing the locals, it is always advisable to allow the native to start first. If you happen to meet the queen then you will address her as ‘Your Majesty’.

As an expat living and working in London, you can disagree with the natives while in business or watching games like the English Premier League. In such exchanges, you need to voice your disagreement politely, whether your colleague is a junior or senior.

In London, sometimes the rainy season may threaten your stay. As a result you should prepare yourself by doing the following things:

  • Visit the City Museum: Staying in London during the rainy season and then you are not able to walk out to museums is unlikely. It is a beautiful thing to experience the natural setting in Imperial War Museum.
  • Visit the Aquarium: At such moments, visiting the sea life and have its fun is worthy speaking.
  • Buy the finest food around the city. Here you will purchase Italian foods or traditionally prepared English grub.